PROCRAFT can provide realistic digital twin for all types of built spaces enabling clients to explore and evaluate properties with ease.

Using the Matterport® software and platform we are able create and publish 3D virtual tours of your space.

3D Maps
Managed within the content management system our interactive 3D maps show your location exactly how is.

3D Virtual Tours
Take your virtual visitors through your space with a step-by-step 3D virtual tour.

Live Data Integrations
Monitor your space and gather real-time sensor data from assets in remote locations.

Virtual Engagement
Emphasize business differentiators and drive sales by capturing customer information at key points on your virtual tour, map, or model.

Space Planning
Streamline venue configuration, speed sales quotes to RFPs, and demystify equipment allocation.

Guide people to locations, inside facilities, and throughout your community.



    Quarterly Subscriptions starting at $50


    • Access to our software and platform
    • Hosting plan including live time access