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Introducing the Paladin PA1366: The Ultimate Interchangeable-Die Crimp Tool for Precision Crimping

The Paladin PA1366 is your go-to solution for precision crimping without breaking the bank. Designed with affordability in mind, this versatile crimp tool handles a wide range of connectors from industry leaders like Kings, Amphenol, and Canare.

Crimping Capabilities

With the PA1366, you can confidently crimp both the center pins and ferrules on today's most popular 12G BNC connectors, including Kings 2065-2-9 & 2065-11-9 and Amphenol 031-70537-12G & 031-70546-12G. Its compatibility also extends to Belden 1505A & 4505R RG59, as well as 4855R & 1855A Mini-RG59 Coax Cable.


  • High crimp pressure with minimal hand force: Achieve professional-level crimps effortlessly, thanks to the PA1366's high crimp pressure combined with ergonomic design.
  • Controlled ratcheting for precise crimping: Experience unmatched crimping precision through the tool's controlled ratcheting mechanism, ensuring consistent and reliable results.
  • Over 45 die sets available: Customize your crimping experience with a wide selection of die sets, providing compatibility with various connector types and sizes.
  • Fully ratcheting cycle with safety release: Enjoy a smooth and safe crimping process with the PA1366's fully ratcheting cycle and integrated safety release mechanism.
  • HDTV Kings and ADC 3-Piece and 2-Piece BNC/TNC for Belden 1855A Mini Coax RG174, RG59/62, mini-coaxial & Amphenol 031 and 034 Series 12G Connectors used with Belden 4855R or 4505R

Crimp Ferrule Sizes: Choose from three convenient sizes - 0.255", 0.197", and 0.178" - to accommodate a variety of connector configurations.

Center Pin Crimp: The PA1366 supports two center pin crimp options: 0.068" Hex and 0.042" Square, ensuring compatibility with different connector specifications.

Experience precise crimping performance and unbeatable value with the Paladin PA1366. Invest in this interchangeable-die crimp tool and elevate your crimping capabilities today.

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