Active -10dB to +4dB stereo line driver with transformer isolated inputs

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Key Features
  • Increases Gain for Low Output Sources
  • Boosts Signals to +4dB Line Level
  • Transformer-Balanced XLR Outputs
  • Versatile Inputs: RCA, 1/4 TRS, 1/8"

The Radial J+4 Balanced Signal Driver is a stereo preamplifier designed to accept unbalanced, low output devices such as instruments, computers, or CD players and boost the signal to a balanced +4dB level.

The J+4 includes a variety of input connectors to accommodate most audio sources; a stereo pair of both 1/4" and RCAs, and a single 1/8" stereo input. The control panel is easy to operate, consisting only of a stereo level control, a high pass filter, and a ground lift. The boosted signal then outputs from a stereo pair of balanced XLRs.

The J+4 features 100% discrete components for optimal signal transfer. Noise is eliminated by combining the advantages of active signal buffering with transformer isolation, resulting in better than 95dB signal to noise ratio. This also ensures hum and buzz caused by ground loops, along with spurious noise from clocking, will not pollute the signal path.

The Radial J+4 is built to handle the extreme rigors of the professional audio world. It delivers exceptional sonic performance, plenty of headroom and ultra low noise making it the ideal addition to any audio system with low output sources.

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