C414 XLII Studio Condenser Microphone (Matched Pair)

AKGSKU: 3059X00240

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Key Features
  • For Voice, Instruments, Drums & Cabs
  • Nine Selectable Polar Patterns
  • Voicing Similar to Legendary C12 Mic
  • Completely Immune to EMI and ESI
  • Highly Reliable in Humid Conditions
  • Switchable Pad at -6, -12, or -18 dB
  • Low-Cut Filter at 40, 80, or 160 Hz
  • Shockmount Inhibits Vibration Noise
  • Windscreens, Stereo Bar, and Metal Case
  • Operates on 48V Phantom Power

his is a matched pair of AKG C414 XLII Large-Diaphragm Multipattern Condenser Microphones, an industry staple that extends the renowned heritage of the C414 B-TL II. Equipped with nine selectable polar patterns, three attenuation levels, and three switchable bass-cut filters, the C414 XLII remains one of the most versatile condenser microphones for recording vocals, drums, and acoustic and amplified instruments in the studio or on stage. This microphone is designed to closely approximate the sonic character of the vintage C12 tube mic while providing an updated and expanded feature set. A slight high-frequency rise at 3 kHz and above helps compensate for the natural loss of high frequencies that occurs at a distance, making the C414 XLII an excellent choice for miking vocals & instruments that are positioned far away.

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