CTL Series Crimp Tool For 12G BNC and HD-BNC Connectors

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Amphenol RF part number CTL-17 is a tool frame with die set, Hex Cavity Dimensions are 0.042 SQ, 0.068, 0.178, 0.278, 0.255. This tool is an excellent choice for crimping the Amphenol HDBNC connector 034-1017-300 to Belden 1694A cable. Most copper SFP's have HDBNC connectors and can usually run up to 500 feet. Now you can make your own HDBNC 1694 cable with this simple to use tool and a stipper. If you believe in the DIY approach and want to be empowered with the tools, knowledge and confidence that you can... and will... get the job done yourself. It'll make you and your wallet feel great!
  • Features:

    • Compatible with the following Connectors:
    • 112955-11
    • 112957-11
    • 112985-11
    • 031-70538-12G

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