Heavy Duty Projector Mount, Black


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The Chief Heavy Duty Universal Projector Mount (Black) provides the strong support you need for mounting a hefty LCD or CRT projector, up to 250 lb (113.4 kg), to a ceiling. You can achieve accurate projector registration with adjustable roll, yaw, and pitch. 

The connect/disconnect system allows you to easily remove the lamp and filter on most projectors. In addition, you can detach the projector and replace it on the mount without losing the registration or preset adjustments.

Quick Projector Registration
Roll, pitch and yaw adjustments for accurate and fast projector registration
Multiple Mounting Options
Can be flush mount to ceiling using 0.5" threaded rods and a 1.5" NPT extension column
Easy Access
Connect/disconnect system for quickly removing the lamp and filter on most projectors
Cable Management
Cables can be routed via top of the mount for clutter free look, without additional
Heavy Duty Mounting
Comes with the universal HBU bracket specially designed for mounting heavy duty projectors

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