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Our flagship HD6 premium powered speakers are a complete home music system with bold stereo sound that fills any room. It features wired and wireless connections, including digital optical from your TV, aptX-HD Bluetooth from your phone, tablet, or computer, or good old analog from a turntable or prized tape deck.

Connection Types:
  • Bluetooth
  • Aux Analog In
  • Analog In
  • Optical In
  • Subwoofer Out

Just how easy is it to set up the HD6?
  • It's pretty easy! Our powered speakers are an all-in-one solution with no extra amps or components needed! All you need to do is unpack the speakers, place them where you want, and then plug in the AC cord. Next, connect the included speaker wire from the active speaker to the right passive speaker. Then, plug in your music (iPod, CD player, computer, etc.) with the supplied cables and you're ready to go!

Is the HD6 designed only for use with Bluetooth devices?
  • Even though the HD6 has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, the HD6 are extremely versatile and can be used with a number of different devices, both digital and analog. There two analog inputs, a mini-stereo and RCA input, on the rear panel so you can directly connect any product with a line-level/preamp audio output, such as a turntable. The HD6s also have an optical input that utilizes the speakers' built-in DAC, so any source that has a digital optical output can be used directly with the speakers, such as the optical output of your television or computer.

What's the difference between the HD6 and the A5+?
  • The HD6 include some pretty significant upgrades over the A5+s.  Among these are:
  • Larger redesigned woofer with die-cast aluminum frame for extended bass response with fast dynamics
  • New larger custom 1” tweeter for an open and realistic high end and an extraordinary soundstage
  • Thicker, low-resonance cabinet
  • Upgraded crossover components


In addition to the performance related upgrades, the HD6s also feature:

  • Bluetooth aptX and digital optical inputs
  • Real wood-veneer cabinet finish options
  • Removable magnetic grills
  • Solid aluminum remote control

Some people want to upgrade the audio on their TV's but aren't necessarily interested in surround sound.

Can I hook up Audioengine speakers to my TV instead of buying a surround sound system or soundbar?
Audioengine speakers can be easily connected to your TV set as long as there are analog outputs available. Any of our speakers will provide a greatly enhanced TV audio experience with a wider soundstage and better imaging than most sound bars.

Do Audioengine speakers have an auto-sleep, idle, or auto-power-off function? Can I leave them on all the time?
Yes, they do! They are equipped with a power-saving circuit that turns off the speaker's final stage amp. This idle mode activates right after you stop playing music. Due to this power-saving function, it's perfectly fine for the speakers to stay on all the time!

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