Medialight Mk2 Flex Bias Lighting System, 6m


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or professional video editors and the most demanding home cinema installations, the MediaLight Mk2 Flex from Flanders Scientific creates a bias light that gently illuminates the area behind and around your monitor/television. This gentle illumination provides your eyes with a consistent visual reference that improves your viewing experience.

With a D65 rating (6500K), and a 98 CRI rating, the soft illumination helps prevent your brain/eye combination from adjusting the image as you watch it, keeping the perceived contrast, color temperature, and brightness consistent over your viewing/editing session. The MediaLight Mk2 Flex is powered by an optional USB power supply and includes a remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness of the flex to the SMPTE standard of 5 cd/m² without the color temperature drifting.

  • The unit supports PWM diming, for accurate color rendition throughout the range, without color shifts
  • This flexible source light wraps around your 76 to 95" monitor on four sides or your 111 to 129" monitor on three sides to create a bias light for improved viewing conditions.
  • Powers from USB 3.0 source (not included)

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