MXNet 1G Encoder/Transmitter Device


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Add the MXNet 1G Encoder/Transmitter Device from AVPro Edge to your network to send IP video for video walls, digital signage, or high resolution monitoring. The encoder inputs up to 4K60 4:4:4 video from the MXNet switch or a multicast-capable L3 switch over Gigabit Ethernet or extend the distance via an optional fiber module in the SFP slot, and it outputs HDMI video up to 4K60 to a display for local monitoring. The transmitter encodes HDMI video and transmits it with near zero latency with a maximum 1 GB/s data rate, outputting visually lossless video.

The transmitter/encoder fits right into the MXNet device ecosystem, and it can be configured and managed by the MXNet MENTOR control tool. Other features include EDID support, HDR and Dolby Vision support, DTS and Dolby audio support, a data status display, RS-232 and IR signaling pass-through support, USB and KVM support, and you can even turn off all the LED status lights on the unit so it can be installed discreetly.


Key Features

JPEG 2000: JPEG 2000 is the essential video encoding choice when picture quality is critical. JPEG 2000 supports progressive decoding and delivers both lossy and lossless compression within a code stream and it supports genlock, so that the frames of a video source are synced to all Decoders, resulting in tear-free video walls. It also enables the handling of color-space information, 10-bit color, and it supports interactivity in networked applications.

Data Window: The Data Window displays the IP address and the MAC address, or you can modify the name, using MXNet Mentor to display custom names such as LG-OLED-TV, WEST-BAR-12, TW-PROJ-3, etc. You have up to 12 characters available to use for your custom name.

Full External Light Control: When you install an decoder in a discreet location, you have the option to turn off all the lights on the device, including network link lights and the Data Window OLED light. This way, the end-user will never even know it's there.

Control Signal Routing: Both RS-232 and IR signals can be direct routed from the AC-MXNET-1G-E encoder. When you route these signals through a network switch, you can specify which decoder to send these control signals.

USB and KVM Support: Each decoder unit has two USB ports, and you may also connect a USB hub if needed to expand the number of USB ports. Connect and route any USB signals back to the encoder host. Use the MXNet Mentor software to specify the host encoder, and the upstream USB device connected the selected decoder.

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