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Control your meetings or display room availability outside the room with the Neat Pad Controller & Scheduling Display from NEAT Conferencing. This sleek and compact device is easily installed on a wall or a mullion but can also be operated on a table. The unit is powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet), which allows a single Ethernet cable to provide reliable and uninterrupted power throughout your meeting, regardless of duration, while also securing continuous internet access when you're not using the built-in Wi-Fi for online connectivity.

Configure the Neat Pad as a scheduling display for your Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams rooms and instantly book a room without having to go through any calendar systems. The integrated LED indicators provide room availability at a glance. When using Neat Pad as a controller, meetings may be started, and your screen shared instantly with just one tap. Invite participants, mute them, or assign access as necessary, and record your meetings with ease. The Neat Pad also features two built-in microphones and speakers.

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