Power Adapter Mount for Google Meet Room Kits

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Google Meet Series One Room Kit features an innovative wiring system that delivers power for its Smart Audio Bar, Smart Camera, Touch Controller, Mic Pods, and compute system all from one power supply - which makes deployment a breeze. The one remaining challenge? Mounting the power supply. We've solved this small challenge with this simple, commercial-grade mount.

Mounted behind your display.

Installing and maintaining Google Meet Series Room Room Kit behind meeting room displays just became even easier. Our mount hugs the sizable power supply unit to the wall while transferring its warmth. The power supply slides into place, so you maintain quick access to it. Drywall anchors included.

Or mounted under your table.

When huddle rooms tables meet the wall, mount Series One Room Kit's compute unit and power supply neatly out of view. Wood screws included.

In the box.

Power Adapter Mount for Google Meet Series One Room Kits
Wall Mount Hardware
Under-table Mount Hardware

Warranty - 2 year
Product Dimensions - 7.7 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches - 196 x 105 x 37 mm
Product Weight - 0.87 lbs / 0.4 kg
Shipping Dimensions - 10 x 6 x 3 inches - 254 x 152 x 76 mm
Shipping Weight - 1.37 lbs / 0.6 kg
Material - Powdercoated Steel

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