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The Whirlwind LBS is a versatile, ruggedly built in-line device that balances and isolates a single line level signal, or allows a line level signal to feed two destinations. Transformer balancing and isolation is available for one or both of the outputs. The balancing provides the necessary noise rejection when in use with equipment having unbalanced outputs, feeding equipment with balanced inputs.

The transformer isolation built into the LBS helps eliminate the unwanted hum and buzz caused by power line and grounding problems. In ISO mode, the signal is passed directly through to one output, and transformer-isolated to the second output. In SPLIT mode, the signal is transformer-isolated to both outputs, with a resulting 6dB drop in level at each output. The unit is equipped with a ground lift switch for each output.


The LBS includes an in-line balancer and splitter box with 1-in, 2-out configuration, dual ISO and SPLIT mode operation.
Built Tough
Rugged, all-metal construction gives years of service.
Quality Circuitry
Transformer balancing, transformer isolation, and a ground lift switch are provided for each output.
Extensive Connectivity
Standard, recessed XLR output connectors, XLR and 1/4" TRS input connectors make the LBS easy to use.

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