USB 2.0 over Cat 5e Point-to-Point Extender Kit (328')


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Extend USB Signals: The USB 2.0 Specification only allows for signals to travel 16ft 5inches and remain stable. With this solution you bump that up to 328 feet! This allows you to keep computers and other USB devices in secure locations.


Category Cable: Today’s data rates are larger than ever, many times calling for more expensive cables. With AVPro Edge’s USB 2.0 Extender you can still use Cat 5e, a cable found throughout most construction builds since the early 2000s.


Built in USB Hub: Extend four signals at once with the built in USB hub, meaning you can have 2 mics, 2 cameras. Or you could have a keyboard, mouse, camera and a mic all connected at the same time, and each one would be as if it was directly connected to your computer.


Power over Ethernet: You only need to power one end of this signal extension set, with Power over Ethernet (POE) the power travels over the same category cable, along side your data, delivering a power to the other end.


Optimized for Teams and Zoom: Many USB connections are not able to handle the high data rate that comes from steaming and conferencing audio and video files at the same time, needing to be delivered in sync. Our engineers built this solution to reliably deliver any resolution, timing and audio type that is allowed in the USB 2.0 specification, including 4K. 

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.
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