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Upgrade your home stereo with the W3 wireless audio adapter. Stream all your music wirelessly from any audio source, app or device to your powered speakers, stereo receiver, or powered subwoofer in CD-quality stereo sound.

PREMIUM WIRELESS CONNECTION W3 is a Sender/Receiver system, doesn’t need an app or network setup, has up to 100-foot range, and hifi stereo sound without dropouts or interference.

SIMPLE. NO HASSLE. EASY TO USE. The W3 adapter is a simple plug-and-play wireless audio solution. Ready to go, the W3 is paired right out of the box, so the Sender automatically finds the Receiver, making setup easy. Connect the W3 sender to any audio source – your computer, TV, integrated amp, turntable, etc – and connect the W3 Receiver to any input on your stereo, powered speakers, or subwoofer and in seconds you’ll have wired-quality wireless sound.

INTERFERENCE-FREE ZONE Hear all your music without any dropouts, static, or noise. Some very clever engineering means your music remains free from interference from wifi routers, phones, and other wireless devices.

BETTER SOUNDING BASS Finally eliminate that long audio cable from your AV receiver to your sub. W3 gives you the freedom to rock your subwoofer where it sounds and looks best.


  • Wireless that works
  • Make any amplifier, turntable, powered speakers, or subwoofer wireless
  • Plays all your music from any audio device, player or streaming app
  • Easy setup, pre-paired, no network connection or password to enter
  • Extended-range CD-quality stereo sound Place your subwoofer anywhere
  • Add extra W3 receivers and stream music to up to 3 audio systems
  • Plays all music formats from any media player
  • Works with any product with an audio input or output Low-latency for seamless video sync
  • Built-in audiophile DAC for USB computer connection
  • 2.4 GHz wifi with dynamic channel selection

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