Essential Tools Every Technician Needs: Procraft Supply's AV Toolkit Breakdown

In our modern, technological world, the role of audiovisual (AV) technicians has become increasingly critical. Techs are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting AV equipment to ensure seamless communication and entertainment experiences. To excel in this field, AV technicians require a comprehensive, completely assembled toolkit that includes essential tools and equipment.

Our AV Technician Toolkit, has been field-tested and specifically curated by our team of AV experts.

Today, we’re looking at the key tools included in the AV Technician Toolkit and their importance for the modern AV installer.

Cable Tester
One of the primary tools in an AV technician's arsenal is a cable tester. This device is used to check the integrity and functionality of audio, video, and data cables during av integration. The Procraft Supply toolkit includes a high-quality, Whirlwind Cable Tester, allowing technicians to quickly identify and resolve cable issues. 

Crimping and Stripping Tools
The toolkit also features crimping and stripping tools that enable AV technicians to prepare and terminate cables efficiently. These tools are invaluable for creating reliable connections and preventing signal loss, ensuring that audio and video signals are transmitted without interference.

Screwdrivers and Allen Wrenches
Every AV technician knows that equipment installations often involve a variety of screws and fasteners. The provided selection of screwdrivers and Allen wrenches, made it easy to securely mount and adjust AV components. These tools ensure that equipment is installed safely and correctly, reducing the risk of accidents and equipment damage.

Wire Cutters and Pliers
Precision is key in AV installations, and wire cutters and pliers are indispensable for cutting and shaping wires as needed. The included high-quality wire cutters and pliers allow technicians to customize cables and connections to fit the requirements of each installation. Such flexibility is essential for achieving a clean and organized setup.

Non-Contact Voltage Tester
Safety should always be a top priority for AV technicians. The Multimeter Test Kit by Klein Tools included in the toolkit helps technicians identify the presence of electrical voltage without making direct contact with wires or components. This tool is essential for avoiding electrical hazards and ensuring that installations are conducted safely.

Tone and Probe Kit
Troubleshooting is a significant part of an AV technician's job, and the toolkit includes a Pro3000™ Tone Generator and Probe Kit from Fluke Electronics for this purpose. This kit assists in tracing and identifying cables, making it easier to locate faults or connectivity issues. It's an invaluable tool for diagnosing and resolving problems quickly, minimizing downtime during events or installations.

Cable Ties and Labels
Maintaining organization and orderliness in AV installations is essential. The toolkit includes cable ties and labels, allowing technicians to bundle and label cables neatly. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the setup but also simplifies future maintenance and troubleshooting by providing clear identification of each cable's purpose.

Often overlooked but highly practical, the included flashlight is designed to help technicians work in dimly lit or tight spaces. Whether it's behind a rack of equipment or in a dimly lit conference room, this tool ensures that no detail is missed during installations or repairs.

Carrying Case
Lastly, the convenience of having all the essential tools in one compact case, that is always ready-to-go, cannot be overstated. Procraft Supply's AV Technician Toolkit is packaged in a heavy-duty Pelican® 1560 Protector Case with lid organizer and Procraft Supply ballistic nylon tool pouches to keep smaller hand tools organized and secure in transit. The top telescoping handle, convenient side handle, and durable wheels make the entire toolkit easy to move, plus, the case is fly-ready, and weighs just under the 50 pound limit to avoid excess baggage fees at most airlines. This case not only keeps all the tools organized but also provides portability, making it easy for technicians to transport their toolkit to various job sites.

By providing top-quality tools that enhance efficiency, safety, and organization, Procraft Supply empowers AV technicians to deliver outstanding results and ensure the seamless operation of audiovisual systems. When you invest in the Procraft Supply AV Technician Toolkit, you're not just acquiring tools; you're investing in the success of your AV career.

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